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Friday, May 19

Final Fantasy VII ~ Free

Friday May 19 at 8pm
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
This Friday we go head-to-head with the opening of “The DaVinci Code” by showing “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,” the long-anticipated sequel to 2001’s “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” which set the standard for the CGI cinematography of its time.

Wasp & Orchid is particularly interested in this film for its imaginative use of CGI to design some of the most stunning and unrestrained fight scenes ever.

@ BetaLevel!


Anonymous the daniel said...

Well, it's not a sequel to that awful movie from 2001, but rather a sequel of sorts to a very popular video game from the late 90s. The Final Fantasy series is confusing, each game is numbered sequentially but has next to nothing to do with the ones that came before.

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