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Saturday, September 2


Sorry for the post delay. I have been on a Cheapskatin vacation, camping through Northern California and up through Oregon. I will have a write up of the coolest cheap places to stay along the way soon.

Until then, let me leave you with this little freebie...

Tonight, there is a John Fogerty & Lucinda Williams concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Feliz.

Cheapskatin Tip: If you can't get or can't afford tickets to this, there is a great space behind the theatre to see the show for free. Park in Los Feliz along Hillhurst and walk up Hillhurst or Vermont to the Greek Theatre. There is a hiking path that goes directly behind the theatre and can be accessed at the corner across from the park bathrooms on the left hand side before you get to the theatre. Follow the curving trail (it's steep so wear good shoes) up to the top. You will most likely see a fair amount of hipsters going up this trail, and they can show you the way. At the top, there is a clearing to sit back and watch the show below....


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