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Saturday, September 10

DJ Lesson ~ Free!

There will be free BBQ, special guests DJ's, and a free DJ lesson from noon - 1PM.
MUST RSVP by emailing or calling
Scratch Dj Academy, Los Angeles located between Pico and Olympic on Cotner Ave


Blogger Fun Joel said...

Hey there! Cool blog, and thx for gathering the info. One minor request/suggestion...

Could you put the date of the events in your posts? I'm reading on RSS, and when I see the event, I have no idea if it is for that night, or in the future.

I know beggars shouldn't be choosers, so I apologize for even asking! Thanks!

Blogger amy said...

you got it. didn't realize it would feed that way. can do! thx for the tip!

Blogger Fun Joel said...

Thank you, Amy! Perfectly clear now. :-)

Anonymous shira said...

This was a great event. Thanks for posting. Luv your site


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