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Thursday, October 13

Swap Meet ~ Free

Swap Meet
All Hallows Eve-Eve-Eve Edition
Saturday, October 15, 8pm till late

We know you've been asking yourself: how could Swap Meet *possibly*
be any better?

* Secret basement hideout? Check.
* Sneaker net file sharing? Check.
* Hand-crafted karaoke? Check.
* Plastic fun balls? Check.
* Foos ball? Check.
* Dig-Dug on an old C64 monitor? Cha-Heck.

Well we finally figured out what was missing...
Dry. Ice. Fog.

This Saturday, come to Betalevel with your hell-born mUz1k f1l3z, your
laptop of Demon Summoning and your memory stick of EVIL to commune with
the dark forces of piracy. And since no one will be able to see you
(because of all the fog!) maybe even sing a little.
Spooky pirate zombie movies will be served.
Costuming at your own discretion.


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